A Tale of Two Fathers

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A father drags himself home from a long day at work. He is greeted by the excited, pleading faces of his children: “Daddy, please play with us!”

“Just give me a few minutes to relax,” is what he wants to say, but instead he says, “Yes, of course!” Whether it is playing with balls or dolls, this is what dads do. They spend time with their children. In some ways, it is humiliating to get down on the floor or in the dirt to play. Imagine a man who runs a large business and manages many employees crawling around on hands and knees and talking in a falsetto voice. But, because he loves his children, he wants to be part of their world.

The second father has also had a long day at work. But when his children make the identical plea, he replies sternly, “No, I don’t want to play your silly games. Run along.”

Which father would you prefer to have?

Isn’t it amazing that the first father is the way God chooses to reveal Himself in scripture? He took on human form so He could reveal His true character and love. He adopts into His family all who accept Him.

It isn’t His self-proclamation that makes God great. Rather, it is the depth of His expressed love. There is no other religion on earth where a god stoops to touch humanity in tenderness and sacrifices Himself through humiliation and suffering in order to elevate those who accept Him and welcome them into His family. Only the great Lord of the Bible chooses to reveal Himself in this way.

That is why, as Christians, we must not be silent. We must not be hemmed in by social pressures. We have the Good News! No other religion or philosophy has Jesus, the in-flesh revelation of the God who wants to spend time with us now and forever.

Now is the time to tell this great news. There are still 3 billion people in the world who have never heard the good news even once! What are you going to do about that? Before you respond to that question, please pray and ask God to show you the part He would have you play.

AFM exists to preach the gospel to unreached people. Your gift gives unreached people a chance to meet the God who loves them supremely. If God directs you to support our ministry, we would be extremely grateful. Only in partnering together can the work go forward.

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