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As we have lived and ministered among the Northern Khmer and Central Thai people over the last 12 years, we’ve seen that the vast majority of people who turn to Jesus have been humble, broken people—people with problems in their families, finances, health, emotions or spirituality. Of course this makes sense, because people who feel healthy and whole don’t often seek a doctor. People who say, “I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing” are the least likely to humbly come to God for true gold, white robes, and eye salve (Rev. 3:17, 18).

Here in the university town of Khon Kaen, Thailand, we live and work among highly educated upper-middle-class families. Many of these families seem to have things together. They seem satisfied and proud of what they have. So what can we offer them that they feel a need for? One thing all of them recognize is the need for education to make them successful, well-rounded people. Another need that some feel is for genuine, trustworthy friends. So, in an attempt to mingle with people as ones desiring their good, our team has started a music school where we aim to provide quality music education in a warm Christian environment where people will feel something of the peace of God through our music and friendship. We officially opened about a year ago, and by God’s grace we have grown from a handful of students to about thirty.

What a joy it has been to see our students growing and learning as they study violin, piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, voice, and English through music! But even more exciting are the growing friendships we’ve been developing with our students and their families, and in some cases the growing interest people have had in learning more about what makes us and our school different.
After one of our recitals this spring, we were able to chat with some of our students’ parents. As we talked, two families expressed interest in either personally attending or having their children attend our little church group on Sabbaths. We were thrilled to assure them that they would be more than welcome anytime!

Though the spiritual interest and openness among this class of people has grown more slowly than we have seen in other classes, we are starting to see results! Thank you so much for your continual prayers and financial support. By God’s grace, in due time, we hope to see a beautiful harvest of souls among the Thai of Khon Kaen.

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