A Dream Job Like Paul’s

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It is no secret that COVID-19 restrictions have complicated international travel and caused job opportunities to temporarily dry up. But new opportunities have been appearing for tentmakers—those who use their professions to live and work cross-culturally in order to make disciples for Jesus. GoTential, AFM’s tentmaker initiative, has been catching glimpses of renewed hope on the horizon.

The first part of this year has shown a marked increase in Adventist professionals connecting with GoTential to learn about living and working among unreached people groups for a Kingdom purpose. They are using their professions to open the door to sharing the good news with their future friends and neighbors around the world. Some have lived cross-culturally before. Some have visited a country and want to go back and live there for a while. Others have never traveled internationally but are ready to be adventurous for the sake of the gospel.

They come from places like Chile, South Africa, Columbia, France, Argentina, Malaysia, Brazil and the United States, and fields such as medicine, education, engineering, entrepreneurship and business consulting, media and logistics. Many others are university students.

A significant number have set their sights on the 10/40 window, the regions with the largest populations of unreached peoples. Some feel a strong calling to a specific people or place, while others are open to new possibilities in locations that have never entered their thoughts. It seems that all feel an increased urgency to step out of their comfort zone in these uncertain times and trust more fully in Jesus as they serve Him and others. They are willing to live sacrificially in alignment with the principles of the Kingdom of God.

“My wife and I have received numerous job offers to work in so-called “dream jobs,” but we know we would rather be in the center of the will of God with little income than outside of it with worldly comforts.” D.G.

Some launched to the Middle East last year. This year we expect many to move across the globe in an outpouring of love for the unreached who might otherwise never hear about Jesus—an opportunity some of us too easily take for granted.

I invite you to join me in praying for the Tentmakers in the field and provision for AFM’s Tentmaking initiative. If you believe in Tentmaking and want to see the concept prosper and flourish, consider donating so that we can continue to provide free resources, training and coaching to more Adventist Tentmakers around the globe.


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