A Changed Heart

When Nott first started attending events at our school, his heart was closed. He knew that we were Christian, and he had no interest in converting from Buddhism. But he came to our events because he friend Andru, our Thai pastor’s son, invited him. But as time went on, Nott’s heart began to change. He was drawn in by our group’s warm, family-like atmosphere. He could see a difference in the lives of the people in our church and school community, and he began to desire a change in his life.

Eventually Nott came to church for the first time. Shortly thereafter, he began to help with song service. He started taking guitar lessons with our music school director, Tone, and progressed very quickly. He developed a special bond with Tone, and before long he was helping with various school duties. I remember Tone telling me that he could see Nott running a music school someday. Tone began mentoring Nott, and their relationship grew to the point that when Tone got married last year, Nott was part of the wedding party!

This past November, Nott was baptized along with his friend Fix. Nott continues to attend church regularly. He is actively involved in Pathfinders and even served on our church’s nominating committee this past February. Nott’s life has been forever changed. Recently, he told me that he doesn’t get angry as easily as he used to, and he finds that he is able to handle challenges in a calmer, more peaceful way as a result of prayer. We praise God for Nott. Please pray for him as he seeks to serve God with His life.

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