Jason Whitaker

Student Missionary for 2018-2019, serving the Tai-Kadai of Southeast Asia.

With all the pain and suffering in the world, its our duty to share with those who don’t know the hope we have in Christ. I am a student, a dreamer, a lover of nature, a photographer, but most of all I am a child of God. I believe that God is calling me to share the hope that I have to those who have no hope. Those who don’t know the God that sacrificed his own life for us all. This coming year it is my greatest desire to go where God leads and serve Him how He would have me serve. God is good and I am holding on to the promise that even though my righteous acts are like filthy rags He will make them fruitful.

Frontier Stories

Suitcases Packed

Thank you for the sacrifices you make for the sake of heavenly treasure. Thank you for your faithful donations to send our family to the Sinim people.

By: Lilly River
June 01 2019, 9:45 am | Comments 0

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