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Eric & Carly Tirado

Missionaries to the Great River People of SE Asia since 2017.

Eric and Carly have an undeniable passion for Cambodia. Mission work in Cambodia has been embedded into their relationship since they first saw a future together, and, now married, they are committed to serving in Cambodia indefinitely as God holds the doors open.

Carly’s father is a Cambodian who learned of Christ through the work of missionaries. In high school, Carly felt a strong calling to be a missionary to her father’s land. She studied nursing and worked in the ER in preparation to better meet the physical needs of the people she knew she would one day serve.

While in college, she met Eric, a designer and filmmaker by profession, who also had served in Bible work, evangelism and literature evangelism for more than five years. He has a love for building strong relationships and leading people to a loving relationship with Christ. His experience co-laboring with a loving, almighty God has left him enamored with God and devoted to serving Him for the rest of his life.

They look forward to using their passions in medical work and discipleship to minister to the needs of the Great River people and leading them to experience the love, joy and peace that is found in Christ. An affirming goal for them would be to see the first indigenous group of believers making disciples and multiplying into four to five new generations of believers within 10 years. Pray for them to be clay in the Potter’s hands, molded daily into effective vessels of His Glory through the unforeseen challenges and circumstances ahead.

Frontier Stories

Time With Chiruh

With tears in her eyes, she has thanked me for all I have done so far. She is ashamed she has nothing to give back to me, though I assure her I need nothing in return. I am on a journey with Chiruh, and I do not know where it is going. But I hope to point her to Jesus along the way as much as I can.

By: Carly Tirado
October 01 2021, 4:18 pm | Comments 0


As a new mom, I understand and enjoy the bonds which can form between new mothers. I am grateful that God has answered my prayer for opportunities to minister to women through prenatal and postpartum care.

By: Carly Tirado
September 01 2021, 10:22 am | Comments 0


Apparently, I’m caring for a patient who is hated by many in our neighborhood. Will this taint my reputation? Will others refuse to associate with me because I’ve been helping Chiruh?

By: Carly Tirado
July 01 2021, 7:55 am | Comments 0

Good Morning, Gecko!

I’m glad God made my gecko friends. I see His loving care in every one of his little creatures. What is one way you can see that God cares about you?

By: Carly Tirado
June 01 2021, 10:26 am | Comments 0

Theary Under Fire

Please pray for Theary. And please pray that her neighbors’ cold hearts may be slowly thawed by the warmth of Christ shining through her.

By: Carly Tirado
April 01 2021, 8:40 am | Comments 0

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