Vinicius Rodrigues & Débora Soares

AFM – Europe, Short-term missionaries for 2024-2025, serving the Palawano people of the Philippines.

We are Vinicius Rodrigues and Débora Soares, Brazilians living in Spain. We have been married since 2019 and have always felt a deep desire to dedicate our time and efforts to helping those in need. We believe it is our purpose to serve others, and through service, we can share God’s love with those who have never experienced it before, wherever we may be. We both feel the need to step out of our comfort zone and do more; we believe now is the right time. While it is very difficult to leave our family, jobs and home behind, we understand that God’s plans for us are greater than our own, and we want to live a life of service and purpose.

We feel incredibly blessed and are excited to contribute to the Palawan project through medical service (Débora) and spiritual service (Vinicius). We have faith that God will provide us with the means, courage and strength needed to serve the Palawano people in the best way possible. By addressing their physical and spiritual needs, we hope to bring them closer to God as we grow in our own journey as Christians.

You may donate to this missionary by visiting the AFM-Europe website.

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