Ama Transit House

Project Report

Construct a duplex where the Ama team can stay while in Wewak. The funding for this project was completed in January 2019 and the house is near completion. Thank you!



Rat infested, unsecure places to stay or very high cost hotels. Which would you decide? As missionaries on the Ama Project the rat infested rooms are what ends up happening when they come to Wewak on their quarterly supply runs. It makes for their stay to be stressful, painful (yes, the rats have chewed on David Hicks & Orion Lawrences’ feet while they were sleeping) and not restful at all.

After much prayer we decided to build a transit house for the Ama team in Wewak. Thankfully the local Mission was supportive of this prospect and offered land on one of the local church properties. It hopefully will afford a presence to be around and make things more secure while the team is not doing a supply run.

These pictures show (see slideshow below) the nearly finished transit house that so many of you contributed to. (THANK YOU!!)

We are praying that the house will be a little haven in a very rough town. That it will give the Lawrence family a place to rest, pack for the 13 hour river and 9 hour truck travel to their project.. Plus that this house will give a spiritual boost to them as they fellowship with the local church members.

We are praising God for providing the needs of His children in remote PNG and that so many of you have joined together with Him to provide a place of rest for the missionaries serving there.

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