Music Teacher – Piano/Flute, Central Thai

Young girl playing at piano

The Call

SSDs02-1 Music Teacher – Piano/Flute – Connect with people and share Jesus by teaching piano lessons and assisting in music ministry at a professional music school in central Thailand. Engage with your students and community members and demonstrate Christ’s love to them through your life and ministry. Opportunities to teach other instruments such as the flute will arise as you have the ability.

The People

The Thai people are hospitable and friendly. They love to have fun, love to visit, and highly value one’s ability to control his/her emotions and say “no problem” in the face of problems and stresses.

The Project

Located in a university town, this project utilizes the gifts of two career missionary families. The central piece of outreach is a music school that meets the needs and interests of educated Thai families while exposing them to Christianity. To learn more, view the project page for Central Thai

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