Medical/Outreach Worker, Malinke of Mali

The Call

AF/MM-06 Medical/Outreach Worker – Workers needed: Another unit with a medical background (natural remedies and simple treatment focus) and a strong outreach/ministerial skill set to join a family already at this project. A pastor/nurse combination would be ideal.

The People

The majority of the Malinke are Muslim animists. Though largely illiterate, they are friendly, hospitable people, very open to acts of kindness and the health message.

The Project

Our project is located in the southern, cultivated, Sudanese area not far from the capital city of Bamako. Missionaries with a medical and ministerial background would help to reach the Malinke on a practical level, providing simple treatments for Malinke people while simultaneously teaching them about Christ. To learn more, view the project page for Malinke

Get Started

Questions? Contact for more details about this opportunity.