Ten Days of Prayer

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Before ending the Zoom Bible study, I asked the attendees, “Do you want to do anything as a group this year to participate in the General Conference’s annual Ten Days of Prayer initiative?”

PC answered immediately, “Yes! Let’s meet online for 30 minutes every morning before work.” It took a few days to determine what “before work” should look like, but eventually, we settled upon 7:30 a.m. When the initial ten days ended, we decided to continue. Sometimes, it is just Duang and me, but three or four of us usually pray together each morning.

PC is the director of a regional government office in central Thailand. Often, she prays for opportunities to share our translation of Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing with the provincial governors and other officials she meets while performing her duties. Recently, as part of the official welcoming party for a visiting royal family member, she had the privilege of registering a copy of the book at a designated gift table. Praise the Lord for answered prayer!

KU is a Bible worker in southern Thailand who also prays with us. We have been blessed to hear her praises for answered prayer concerning her ministry. Recently, she shared that she has had greater boldness and wisdom in sharing her faith since joining the prayer call.

Duang and I have also experienced many answered prayers, but there are far too many to relate here. After struggling with technical issues for many years regarding the generation of Thai and Lao PDFs, God has sent us a volunteer technical support team to help code the conversion scripts on GitHub, a website that developers use for creating, storing, managing and sharing code.

After being bogged down in the editing process of Patriarchs and Prophets, God sent Duang’s nephew, Amnart, to live with us and aid with editing.

Once, while heading to Bangkok to attend two meetings, we stopped at the side of the highway to join the prayer call. Ten minutes after praying for God’s blessing on my role at the second meeting, we received word that my role was no longer needed! We were confused but trusted God’s leading. When we arrived home early, we discovered the reason for the abrupt change as we had the opportunity to rescue someone from returning to their former drug addiction. Praise God for answered prayer!

More important than the specific prayers for God’s leading and blessing, we pray that God would grant us more of His character and that our lives may be bright for Him.