AFM Trainers

Laurence Burn, Training Director

Laurence was born in Peitermaritsburg, South Africa. When he was in grade seven, he moved to Heilderberg. Sensing a strong calling to ministry, he came to the United States and studied at Weimar College in California. Laurence took a year out of college to teach high school students at Palau Mission Academy in Micronesia.

After graduating from Weimar he was asked to be a Youth Pastor at the Roseville SDA church in Sacramento, California. A few mission trips later he met and proposed to his soon-to-be wife Lois (ask him for the details). After his marriage to Lois, the couple moved to Andrews University, where Laurence enrolled in the Masters of Divinity program. While completing it, he accepted a call to be an associate Pastor at Pioneer Memorial Church as a chaplain for Andrews University. 

Six years later Laurence was hired by Adventist Frontier Missions where currently he is working as the Training Director. He is an enthusiastic visionary who believes there is a win-win solution for every problem with Jesus as a partner.  He has helped many people with conflict management and other interpersonal issues. Discipleship, Jesus’ command to invest in people, is his core passion and the driving principle of his life. A great motivational speaker, he will inspire you all with his enthusiasm and genuine concern.

Other Trainers

Classes are also taught by a team of top-notch professionals from around the world. Scan through our bios, and get a glimpse of who we are. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Dale Goodson, West Coast Development Representative and former missionary
  • James Arkusinski, AFM Director of Communications
  • Bair Lake Staff, Adventure Training Specialists
  • John Baxter, AFM Director of Recruiting
  • Bruce Bauer, Chair, The Department of World Missions, Andrews University
  • Jack Bowers, International Field Director
  • Cheryl Doss, Director of the Institute of World Missions and Associate Professor of World Missions
  • Leonda George, Lead Church Planter for the Palawan project in the Philippines
  • Tim Holbrook, Returned AFM Missionary
  • Sinisa Milovanovic, AFM Director of Finance, and James Procter, AFM Accountant
  • Erin White, Director of Human Resources and Development
  • James Petty, Planned Giving Specialist