AFM Board Members

• Steve Fisher, DDS, Chair
Steve Fisher attended La Sierra College and Walla Walla University for his undergraduate work and graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry (DDS). He served in cross-cultural missions for over 18 years on the island of Saipan. Together with his wife, they established an SDA presence on the island by building a clinic, planting a church, and building an elementary school.

• Bruce Bauer, PhD, Vice Chair
After completing a BA in Theology, Bruce Bauer spent 15 years in Japan, five years in Micronesia, and three and a half years in Cambodia as a front-line missionary. Throughout these years, he studied during his furloughs to better equip his ministry, completing an MA (Religion), an MA (Missiology) and his Doctor of Missiology studies. After returning to the U.S., Dr. Bauer taught missions at Andrews University for 26 years before retiring. He remains the editor of the Journal of Adventist Mission Studies.

• Conrad Vine, DMin,  AFM President
Born into a pastoral family, Elder Vine grew up with his twin brother and two sisters in homes across the UK. After graduating with a business management degree (1995), he served in the UK public healthcare system before God led him to ADRA (1996). Initially serving in Azerbaijan, Elder Vine served with ADRA through 2002 in a variety of roles worldwide. Following seminary training at Newbold College (2002-2004), he and his wife Luda began their pastoral ministry in London, UK. After serving as Secretary-Treasurer in the Middle East Union, they transitioned to pastoral ministry for four years in Minnesota before Elder Vine answered the call to serve as President of Adventist Frontier Missions (www.afmonline.org). Conrad and Luda were married in December 1999 and regard their marriage and two children as a personal blessing from a loving Heavenly Father.

• Ellen Corbett
A champion for redemptive relationships and emotional wellness among missionaries, Ellen Corbett served with AFM as a Student Missionary in Cambodia during the 2015-2016 school year and then was AFM’s Training Assistant each year for 2017-2020. In this role, she helped to equip Student Missionaries as they prepared to launch and helped returning missionaries debrief and process their mission experience at the annual re-entry program. Ellen represents AFM to donors across Canada and is completing her Doctor of Optometry degree at Ferris State University.

• Arnold Hooker
Trained as both a furniture maker and a chaplain, Arnold Hooker served for 28 years with AFM. By God’s grace, he led the planting of multiple new congregations in Cambodia. He also served in Development, as a Field Director for SE Asia & Oceania, and as an AFM Ambassador-at-Large. During his 28 years with AFM, Arnold served alongside all five AFM Presidents (1995-2023) in 33 countries on five continents, thus enabling him to bring an incomparable wealth, breadth and depth of experience to the AFM Board.

• Joseph Kidder, PhD
Following more than 20 years of successful pastoral work and completing his doctoral studies (DMin), Joseph Kidder began teaching at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, where he has continued for the last 22 years. He travels extensively all over the world, teaching people, pastors and churches how to have a vibrant and authentic walk with God. Dr. Kidder has written nine bestselling books and hundreds of articles on Worship, Leadership, Church Growth and Spiritual Growth. Mentoring the new generation of pastors is one of the joys that thrills his heart. To be close to His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Dr. Kidder takes daily prayer walks, often with some of his students. The main thing about Dr. Kidder is that he loves Jesus and wants everyone to love Him.

• Tom Mullen, MD
Trained in family and preventive medicine, Tom Mullen served with his wife and family at the SDA Scheer Memorial Hospital in Nepal before transferring to Pakistan to coordinate the training of village health workers at the Pakistan Adventist Seminary and College for over 15 years. Because of his passion for missions and the health message, he has also served as the NEWSTART physician/Medical Director at Weimar Institute and in private practice in the U.S. state of Georgia. An AFM Board member since 2005, Tom and his wife Bethany regularly participate in missionary retreats, providing counsel, prayer support and encouragement for AFM missionaries worldwide.

• Dwight K. Nelson, DMin
Born in Tokyo as a missionary kid, Dwight Nelson served as a pastor for fifty years (forty years at Pioneer Memorial Church). Pastor Nelson has also served as the speaker for New Perceptions television, is a writer, and is the husband of Karen and Papa for three granddaughters.

• Alex Niculaescu
Alex Niculaescu brings a wide variety of cross-cultural ministry experience to the AFM Board, particularly from Europe, Central America and Central Asia. His experiences combatting human trafficking have given him unique insights into the depths of human depravity and the beauty of the gospel. He currently serves as a district pastor in the Michigan SDA Conference.

• Susan Payne
Susan Payne has enjoyed several careers throughout her lifetime as a registered nurse, home-schooling mother and missionary to Papua New Guinea.  Throughout her travels, she has conducted seminars in Brazil, Europe, South Africa, and PNG. After retiring as the development director at Adventist Frontier Missions where she guided donor ministry for 20 years, she now serves on AFM’s board of directors.
One of her greatest passions is watching Jesus set people free from the snares of the enemy.  She looks forward to singing praises to the Creator and Savior of the universe on the sea of glass with people from every nation, kindred, tribe and tongue.

• Julie Hyde, PhD
Dr. Hyde brings a detailed knowledge of financial and audit management to AFM. Both her undergraduate and post-graduate degrees were in accountancy before she completed her CPA and her doctorate in administration and accounting, focusing on mitigating material weaknesses in internal controls over compliance for Federal grants for US counties. After a long career as a professional auditor, Dr. Hyde has been serving as Professor of the Wayne E. Vandevere Endowed Chair in Accounting at the School of Business, Southern Adventist University, from 2005 to the present.

• Douglas Tacket, DO
Since completing his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree, Doug Tacket has served over 30 years as a family physician in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana. He has been actively involved in missions since his academy days, particularly in West Africa. He has served on the boards of various schools and not-for-profit organizations, including AFM. He lives in his hometown of Berrien Springs, Michigan, with his wife of nearly 40 years. The Tackets have two adult daughters.

Dr. Conrad Vine


Pastor Dr. Conrad Vine is president of Adventist Frontier Missions. Prior to serving with AFM, Pastor Vine served in the pastoral ministry in the UK and Minnesota (USA), as a church administrator in the Middle East Union, and for many years with ADRA in central Asia and other regions worldwide.
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Cavelle Regis


As AFM’s Treasurer, Cavelle is in charge of all AFM’s financial matters, properties and facilities. She also works with resources and support for AFM’s mission projects.
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John Baxter

Human Resources Director

John Baxter focuses his attention on Human Resources, helping AFM to reach its goal of hiring knowledgeable staff and running the day-to-day operations of HR. His other responsibilities include working student missionaries in mobilizing them for short term and student mission service. He also assists Development with major donors and large events.
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Laurence Burn

Training Director

Laurence Burn is responsible for the training and development of all missionaries prior to launching and continuing development of missionaries in the field. He manages and teaches a variety of in-depth training and preparation programs. He also serves as a church-planting consultant.
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Erin White

Development Director

Erin is the Director of Development, responsible for AFM’s donor ministry and fundraising events.
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Jack Bowers

International Field Director

Jack oversees all field operations, working directly with field directors and home office departments that recruit, process, prepare, and manage missionaries before they launch and when they return from service.
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Dr. Jony Hajaj

Intercultural Studies and Discipleship Director

Dr. Jony Hajaj, who holds a doctorate in intercultural studies, comes from the heart of the Middle East. Born in Jordan with an Arab ethnicity, a Christian-tribal background, and an Islamic cultural upbringing, Dr. Hajaj is the child of an inter-religious world. Arabic is his mother tongue. He, together with his wife and three children, have served the Lord for many years pastoring, planting churches, recording TV and radio programs, conducting training, and teaching around the world. His passion is to lead people to Jesus Christ and disciple them into the kingdom.
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Dr. Michée Badé

Set Free In Christ Institute Director

Dr. Michée Badé serves as director for the Set Free In Christ Institute, created by AFM to provide practical support for spiritual warfare.

James Arkusinski

Communication Director

As communication director, James oversees the production of AFM’s premier mission magazine — Adventist Frontiers. He also manages and maintains our website, produces AFM project videos, crafts press releases, creates other marketing materials and coordinates various public relations activities.
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Brenda Mays

Tentmaker Ministries Coordinator and Asia Field Director

Brenda Mays organizes AFM’s Tentmaker Ministries. She guides and supports people who wish to use their business or educational talents to witness in countries where direct evangelism is not allowed.
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