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Brooks, Carolina

Student Missionary from 2022–2023

Sabbath School Preliminaries at Centerville SDA

London KY SDA Church

It’s Planting Time

Many times in life, we face situations where our actions make the difference in outcomes, regardless of actual or perceived obstacles in the way. I love gardening. I like to plant, cultivate and harvest. Last year, I planted my garden around Memorial Day but was away on business for about…

Stearns and Monticello KY SDA Churches

Waters, Ezra and Ruth

Volunteer Missionary Candidates since 2022

Arabs of the Levant

The Arabs of the Levant are a people group from the eastern Mediterranean countries that form a land bridge between Africa to Eastern Europe.

Apples, Cat Videos, the Unreached and You

Fifteen years ago, at the Macworld convention, Steve Jobs, then CEO of Apple Inc., unveiled a device that would change the world as we know it. The first iPhone launched in June 2007, and Android devices followed a year later. Thus began the smartphone era. No longer was information or…

Hospital Learning

Getting to the hospital at 8 a.m. the Sunday after my accident was no small feat, but we arrived right on time. As we came in, there was no one at the front desk. The doctor had given us her cell number, so we called, and she was surprised we…

Williamsburg KY SDA Church

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