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Parker, Annie

Student missionary for 2020-2021.

Yes . . . But Why?

People often ask me, “Why does AFM exist?” In response, I often share our mission statement: “AFM establishes indigenous Seventh-day Adventist church-planting movements among unreached people groups.” However, this explains what we do, rather than why we exist. Throughout history, there have been many flawed motives for mission. There was…

Rodgers, Lindsay

Student Missionary for 2020

Ngwenya, Vuyo

Student Missionary for 2020-2021

Blessed by You

“While I was being treated for cancer, I suffered a stroke,” a widow friend told me in a recent conversation. “The doctors think it is related to the treatment they were giving me. I don’t know how people can go through things like this without God. He is my consolation.…

A Street Sermon

“Jesus is my wingman. Jesus is my wingman.” the words echoed through the deserted streets. We followed the song to an open area in the middle of a shopping complex surrounded by businesses and apartments. We found a group of young people standing one and a half meters apart. This…

The Bright Side

There are a lot of things we could complain about. Our furlough has come to a screeching halt, and we have had to cancel or postpone speaking appointments and meetings with friends. This leaves us with the temptation to feel frustrated and anxious. Our Tai-Kadai Project teammates have had to…

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