Mission #2: Cosmic Weapon

Pray with Power

Did you know that you are heavily armed and highly dangerous right now? It’s true! You’re armed with a cosmic weapon that God Himself designed to win spiritual battles here on earth. Still stumped? It’s Prayer! When you pray, Satan and all his angels dive for cover. And your prayers invite God to move His mighty hand into places and situations Satan claims for his own. Now that you know you’ve got the power, use it for missions!

Here are 9 ways you can pray for missionaries and people groups:

1.  Be sure to confess your sins to God and ask Him to clean you inside and make you a more effective prayer warrior!

2.  Always pray that God will tell you what to pray for. He knows what battles are raging overseas, and He’s waiting for you to ask!

3.  Take your copy of Adventist Frontiers, cut out pictures of missionaries and other people to pray for, and pin them up on a bulletin board, or stick them to your refrigerator to remind you to pray for them regularly.

4.  Get together with friends to pray. The Bible tells us that God sends His presence in a special way to groups gathered in His name.

5.  Choose one missionary to focus your prayers on for a week.

6.  After you’ve chosen a missionary to pray for, pray for different things for that missionary each day of the week. For example:

  • On Monday, pray for the people the missionary is witnessing to.
  • On Tuesday, pray for the missionary’s physical health.
  • On Wednesday, pray for the missionary’s spiritual health.
  • On Thursday, pray for the missionary’s mental health.
  • On Friday, pray for the missionary’s family and social health.
  • On Sabbath, pray for the missionary’s financial support.

7.  Look up Bible promises to claim for your missionary as you pray.

8.  Be very specific in your prayers, and God will bless the missionary in very specific ways!

9.  Don’t forget to pray for your missionary as you go about your day.