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Session 1

In this session:

This is a baby; This is a girl; This is a boy; This is a woman; This is a man; This is an old woman; This is an old man; This is a dog; This is love; This is a world; This is a son; This is to give

Session 2

In this session:

This is a cup; This is a plate; This is a bowl; This is a spoon; This is a fork; This is a knife; This is a chair; This is a table; This is a pot; This is a bed; This is a pillow; This is a blanket

Session 3

In this session:

One; Two; Three; Four; Five; Six; Seven; Eight; Nine; Ten; Eleven; Twelve

Session 4

In this session:

The boy sits on the chair; The baby sleeps on the bed; The old man holds the spoon; The girl drinks from the cup; The man runs after the dog; The woman jumps over the mouse; The old woman sits on the bed; The boy sleeps on the pillow; The girl holds the fork; The woman drinks from the cup; The dog runs after the cat; The cat jumps on the table


Session 5

In this session:

In this session: God; Jesus; Holy Spirit; Angels; Devil; Demons; Bible; Church; Prayer; Heaven; God loves you; I love Jesus