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Violet’s face broke into a big smile after I asked her if she would like to have someone come and teach them about the Bible. “Yes!” she exclaimed. “I have been wanting to come to church for a long time!”

Ever since Violet came to us for prenatal care and then delivered her baby at our clinic earlier this year, I had sensed an openness in her. From my porch I can look across the valley and see her family’s house, and I pray for them often. So when a couple in my group expressed interest in an outreach project, I thought of Violet. The wife of the couple readily agreed, and she and Laressa, one of our student missionaries, started visiting Violet’s home this past Sabbath. They reported that her husband seemed very interested and open as well.

  • Sungsang Village*

“I don’t know how to sing, but I’ll just listen.” This is Maman Rupid’s comment almost every time he joins our Sabbath afternoon group in a Sungsang, which he has been doing more regularly.

The Sungsang group originally started with one family. Their son attends our school, and he asked if there was someone who could study with his parents. So one of the other students and I started going up there on Sabbath afternoons. At first the family was shy and reluctant to say much, but now the wife will sometimes share a praise or a prayer request. And recently more people have been attending. Another couple I was able to connect with better during the wife’s last pregnancy comes sometimes, and Maman Rupid and others will often listen in, either from a distance or up close.

Please pray for the village of Sungsang. There is currently only one believer in the village, but many of the children have attended our school, and we have a lot of interactions. My prayer is that the whole village will be won to the truth.


“Don’t sit there! You are close to the demon dog!” Nurnalin cried out to me as I sat down in front of her on the bamboo floor. Two of the other girls from the house had come running to get me a few minutes earlier. Nurnalin was being harassed by demons and was so scared that she was hard to control, so they asked for my help. I encouraged Nurnalin to sit down, and after a bit she did. We sang and prayed and read stories from the Gospels where Jesus had shown His power over evil spirits. Nurnalin calmed down and eventually started smiling a little. I saw her two days later, and she said she had slept the rest of the night. We serve a mighty God!

  The Husbands

“How is it going with your family?” I asked Runalin after we had finished talking about her son’s sickness.
“Oh, it’s going good! My husband is coming to church still, and he has a hard time getting through his testimonies without crying.” The joy in Runalin’s heart at her husband’s recent conversion radiated from her smile.

The church in Kensuli has been made up of mostly women for a long time, but God is working, and there are several husbands who are now joining their wives in faith.

“Among the gods there is none like You, O Lord; nor are there any works like Your works. All nations whom You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord, and shall glorify Your name. For You are great and do wondrous things; You alone are God”
(Ps. 86:8-10 NKJV).

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