Waiting on the Lord

Life in Thailand has been an adjustment for sure. But with God’s help, we have adapted pretty well. Now it often feels like we have been living here forever. Except for those days when there are too many lizards in my house, and I feel like running away!

One of the things we have been learning is to wait on the Lord and not try to start things prematurely. We are blessed with many wonderful, English-speaking friends and it would be easy to start a Sabbath School group in our home. However, we know that the more time we spend speaking English is less time learning Thai, which will be necessary in the long term to effectively share the Gospel. So, we have decided to pray more and wait on the Lord because there is still so much for us to learn and to unlearn.

This applies to life as well as to mission work. Often it is tempting to embark on projects, major decisions, purchases, jobs, schools and actions that God never called us to be a part of. But God reminds us of the importance of waiting on Him and always being guided by the Holy Spirit.

Please keep us in your prayers so that we can learn the Thai language and the culture quickly as we continue to build trust with those around us.

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