Upside Down

Often we are so stuck in one position in our outlook on life that we lose our focus on God. A little realignment can go a long way in helping us to see Him again.

Our fully-furnished blue and white home in Cambodia is located along the middle of the street and has a kitchen and lounge downstairs. Until we can figure out a way to lock our motorcycle up outside at night, the lounge doubles as parking space. Upstairs, we have two bedrooms and a flex room used as an office and exercise area.

Since our bed is set against the wall, I usually face the door when I lie down. This week was so exhausting—moving our student missionaries into new housing—that come Sabbath afternoon, I plopped down on the bed with my feet facing the other direction. As I lay back to relax and focus on my breathing, I peered out the window. I saw beautiful thick clouds forming into different shapes while inching across the stunning blue sky. I knew we had upper windows—we used them mainly for light and not ventilation because of the noise and mosquitos coming from outside—but I never realized I could see the clouds from my bed. My exhaustion soon disappeared as I lay there, appreciating nature and thanking God from the comfort of my bedroom.

Laying the opposite direction gave me a new perspective of the world of nature outside our bedroom window. It also gave me time to think about our ministry and our neighbors. Not only was my body recharging, but I felt encouraged to help my neighbors lift their eyes to God and see His creation and His beauty. Please pray with us to discover ways to help our neighbors align their lives to Jesus and for us to stay focused on Him in the process.

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