Update 1

Patience is key. Sometimes (most times) things don’t get done as quickly as we wish they would. A more likely scenario is traffic just doesn’t work how best makes sense to us (me) and we (me) know that everything would go much more smoothly if simple traffic rules were followed. Alas, patience is key and the differences between here and home are beautiful to watch unfold when viewed with patience. All this to say, thank you for your patience in my lack of communication and thank you in advance for more patience in the future!

Last week was the first week of school and my very first week in the classroom as a teacher (eek!), so life has been very busy! My kids are great and it has been fun to watch them get more comfortable with me. They now come a consistent 30 minutes early to class to hang out in the room. I have learned that some cookies and a lot of Uno go a long way in breaking down walls. They are at a low level of English fluency so google translate has been our friend and there are plenty of laughs every class, but they are quick learners!

I had a beautiful experience at church two weeks ago that I would like to share quickly with you all. I was sitting towards the front in Sabbath school with a dear friend and these two boys about my age came and sat next to me. I handed them a lesson book and showed them where we are at as best I could, since it wasn’t in English. I then saw the Baci strings tied around their wrists and their childlike curiosity as they flipped through the lesson book reading words they had never heard before. This was their first time in church and I had the privilege of watching this unfold next to me! They were each given a Bible and we looked up each text together throughout the service. We are not even aware of how blessed we are at home with the amount of knowledge we have right at our fingertips. These boys had no idea about this faith until two weeks ago. I feel as if so much time is being wasted. People are dying every day without the option of choosing Jesus! The Father has been constantly reminding me to never be busy enough to not make time for people. People are so grateful and happy when we simply take time for them in our lives. They desire to be seen, heard, and loved – this is simple enough for each of us to be able to do for someone else.

With love,

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