Tring Tring

We felt uneasy when the phone rang at 10 p.m. in our hotel room. We did not expect anyone to call us, especially not on the hotel phone at that hour. We looked at each other and wondered who it could be. Deon leaped out of bed and answered cautiously in a hoarse voice, “Hello!”

I was now sitting straight up and poking my head forward to hear what was going on. I struggled out of bed in slow motion and pressed my ear to the phone to hear who the mystery caller was. Silence, and then giggles followed by an echoed, “Hello.” The hellos went back and forth with interrupted giggles.

We had two more calls during the night. The next morning, we saw the culprits at breakfast—six children between the ages of about five to eight who were on holiday with their parents. They ate their breakfast cereal as if they were little angels who had a good night’s sleep.

I realized that we are supposed to reach out to people like children do. They have no filters and are unaware of time or social barriers. They only want to hear the voice of someone on the other side of the telephone. God expects us to reach out to people, to say hello and wait for their response. He reaches out to us, waiting for our response. Are you willing to hear from God today, and are you ready to fearlessly reach out to strangers?

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