Train ride

I’m sitting right now for a train. This is my first train ride in the U.S. and I’m a little nervous. I have flown many time and know how to navigate an airport pretty well and feel comfortable in them. A train ride on the other hand is a new adventure. Train stations are usually in the older parts of town which can sometime not feel like the safest place to be in. The scariest part of this adventure is not knowing what to expect and not knowing my part of the “script” of how to go through the process of getting on a train. Many people, myself included, live their lives in scripts and don’t even think about it. Just like in a play we each know what our part is and what to expect in the process. An example would be going grocery shopping. It is known that when you walk into the store you grab a cart and head down the aisle looking for the items you want and then proceed to the checkout counter. You wait in line until it is your turn to checkout and you don’t leave until all items are scanned and you have paid for them. If someone didn’t follow this script they would be thought of as odd and there could be major repercussions depending on how far out of the script they went. This adventure by train has opened my eyes to the realization that I don’t know the script of train riding. Which is great preparation for going to Cambodia. There will be many scripts I won’t know and I may even make major blunders. In those times I will have to remember what I learned in training “failure is an event not a person”.

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