Tons of Enthusiasm and Dedication.

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Fria church which is part of the Susu project in Guinea… is blesses with an abundance of little ones and youth covering a range from babies to young adolescence.

Pathfinders or “Jeunesse Advantiste” as it is called in French has just begun in Guinea

When I arrived at Fria church I found a group of young people with unbelievable enthusiasm doing their best to keep a newly born pathfinders group on the road with absolutely nothing to do it with!

My heart been connected to youth ministry for more than thirty years was immediately drawn to the young people. Pastor Blaise, who is in charge of Pathfinders in Guinea, decided to place the Pathfinders program in Fria under my leadership to help them find their feet and I praised God for this opportunity to serve Him once again in youth ministry

Our first team effort was on Sabbath 20th September which was Pathfinders day. Having only four days to practice and put everything together we realized that it was a big challenge…but since it is school holiday in Guinea at the moment the young people accepted the challenge.

We went to the church board and asked them if they would please allow us to organise and do everything…from Sabbath school to Sabbath closing on Pathfinders day… praise God they trusted us and told us the whole Sabbath day was ours.

Tuesday morning we received the theme from pastor Blaise and set to work with a lot of excitement, dedication, ideas, planning, and hard work.

Most of the youth walked far distances to come and practice in difficult weather…we worked hard…we laughed…we stressed… and yes we had our moments of angry stressful words…but I could experience that nothing was going to stop these young people from making a success of this Pathfinders day

And then finally the big day was there…Sabbath morning came out of God’s hand to us bathed in sunshine during the time of rainy season!!

And my heart said… IT WAS VERY GOOD… God blessed the young people in abundance for their dedication and hard work.

The day was also good for Fria church because a lot of the members in Fria church were a little unsure about this new “thing” that was finding its way into the church amongst their young people and children…but all glory to God…for the Holy Spirit spoke to hearts through the program…and the church decided to give their support and blessings to this “good thing” that had entered the church…praise God!!

I share this heart warming experience fresh from the mission field with you for two reasons:

1. Please pray for us and ask God to give us a godly love for each other, understanding, unity and divine wisdom as we accept this difficult but God given challenge

2. We are beginning pathfinders with absolutely nothing…most of the youth and children have found their way to church through the Susu project’s
SDA School…and they are in church without their parents or any financial support standing on their own for truth. Many of them came in from Muslim back ground and the Catholic Church.

Before we can register as a Pathfinder club we must pay our registration fees and have a uniform for each child

We have no building to meet in

We have no tables or chairs…plainly said we have absolutely nothing to begin with…just tons of enthusiasm and dedication.

My prayer and aim is to train these young people in leadership so that they can stand strong in their salvation and therefore take others by the hand and lead them into the fullness of God’s love.

This is why we come to our “missionary home team” asking for help… so that these young people who are the leaders for tomorrow in an exciting but
extremely challenging time within the history of our church… may be able to become what God needs them to be.

We believe that these young people in Fria church is part of the end time generation through who God is going to finish the work…may your hearts be touched as we together dedicate ourselves by having part in different ways to train these young people and to equip them for what is ahead of them.

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