Time and Resources

Sorting and organizing our pictures at the end of 2021, we discovered snapshots from when we first moved to Cambodia. We could hardly believe how much our kids have grown. How quickly time speeds by and kids grow up! As they become more independent, we are determined to use every moment to help them develop godly characters and the skills they will need.

How quickly things are changing in Cambodia and the world as well. As prophetic time speeds by, we strive to use every opportunity God gives us to share His gospel, nurture His followers and help them prepare to meet Him.

We live in the northeastern hills of Cambodia, working with our team to reach the animist tribe of the Pnong people. Our focus is on village ministry. Every week Jonathan meets with the village Bible workers for a time of Bible study to provide spiritual nourishment and encouragement to them. The workers share the struggles and successes they are experiencing in ministry and then brainstorm possible solutions, discussing ways to disciple the new believers. It is so rewarding to work with these young people as we see them grow in abilities and connection with Christ!

Jonathan also really enjoys the Bible and baptismal studies with new Pnong believers. It is so inspiring to see the joy on their faces as they come to understand new Bible truths, especially as they realize that they no longer need to fear the spirits.

Currently, we are working primarily in the Pnong villages of Dumchi and Punih. Soon we hope to enter some new villages. Dumchi is about forty-five minutes down the mountain. Years ago, one family decided to follow Jesus and asked Greg Timmins to help them study the Bible. This one family has grown into a group of twenty adult believers who regularly attend church and Bible studies. God is so amazing!

The Bible workers in Dumchi have taught English in the public school, held literacy classes under their house, planted a community garden with the village children, organized prayer meetings, vespers and church programs, led planting and harvest ceremonies, encouraged evangelizing activities and many other things that have bonded the community of believers together. We are very thankful to be able to work with these young people!

We have also begun to train leaders among the church plant itself, encouraging them to lead out in Bible studies to new members, share their testimonies with others, telling Bible stories in the children’s classes and engage in other leadership activities.
Punih village is closest to the project base. This group has two baptized families and a few other families attending. Two Bible workers are teaching English, studying the Bible with a Pnong girl, and cultivating previously planted seeds in Punih. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will begin working in this community as He is working in Dumchi.

The Holy Spirit is also working powerfully in the hearts of the Pnong! Within the last month, five Pnong have requested Bible studies in these two villages. Praise God that we get to be part of this! Jesus is coming soon. Let’s work together to use the time and resources we have to share this good news with the Pnong.

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