Through It All

When I contemplate the life of Paul, it becomes evident that his days were filled with every season of life: the cool days of peace and the warm days of sharing and Christian love, the bitterly cold days of loneliness and the blazing hot days of persecution. Through it all, he was steadfast in his call to minister to those he was leading and mentoring.

As I embark on another round of field director visits, traveling to see all the projects I supervise, my teams and I will gather to reflect on what God has done and is doing and where He may be leading each missionary and their team.

On one of my projects, we have seen a lot of bumps along the road and what we thought were some closures, but God has recently shown that some instances were just curves to navigate. You might remember a story about a man named Nico that began in the September 2022 issue of Adventist Frontiers. He and his family said that they decided to follow Jesus. Not too long after, their family faced many difficulties and much strife. Nico cut off all communication with our team. Within the last month, however, Nico has apologized for his actions, asking if he and his family could start studying the Bible again with our missionaries. This season of change, this turn in the road, has brought joy and determination within our team to keep persevering in the call to serve the local people.

On the Sinim project, God has paved the way for us to open a health café. It’s been a long road with a lot of work, but praise God, it is now open. In Cambodia, God has truly been looking out for His people, and one of our team members was protected from stepping on a large Malaysian pit viper while walking on their property.

Through it all, I am encouraged when I open the Bible and read how Paul was willing to uplift Jesus Christ, no matter the situation. He allowed God to guide him, and God knows the best paths to take, when to pause, when to change direction, and which season is best suited for each moment of our journey.

As I meet with my teams and we contemplate what God is doing and where He is continuing to lead, I ask that you pray for God to speak to us just as He spoke to the apostles of old, giving guidance, wisdom and discernment. Thank you for your prayers, financial support and willingness to be part of this mission family. God provides for the AFM family in amazing ways, and each of you is invaluable.

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