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How would you like to receive a text from God? Even better, what if that text informed you that a large sum of money is being provided for you? Read on . . .
A few years ago, an earnest appeal for service was shared at the conclusion of the vespers for “Missions Week” at an Adventist university. Several young people made a commitment to serve as student missionaries in the coming year. Others were now approaching the AFM booth to ask questions about service. 

Two young women came up to learn more. They mentioned that they were studying art and wondered if they could serve. I thought it would be great if they went to a school, taught the children, and then decorated the school with beautiful artwork. They were happy with the prospect of serving as missionaries.

One mentioned that she doubted that her parents would let her go. The other young lady asked how much student mission (SM) service costs. When I told her it costs around $14,000 to put an SM in the field, she exclaimed:

“Wow! Fourteen thousand dollars. I don’t have that much money.”

I patiently explained that she would not be paying that amount. Rather, we ask SMs to partner with God to raise $5,000 for their year of service, with other generous AFM donors supplying the balance.

“Five thousand dollars! I don’t have $5,000,” was her response.

I informed her that she was not expected to pay that money but that God would move on people’s hearts to support her when they learned she was going to reach the unreached as a missionary. She expressed that she did not think God could raise the money because she did not know that many people, to which I responded:

“Don’t you think that since God is calling you to be a missionary, He can provide you with the $5,000 you need to go?”

“I don’t think so,” was her forlorn reply.

Just then, my phone buzzed in my pocket, alerting me to an incoming text. I pulled out my phone and read:

“Please tell the next student interested in serving as a missionary that we will sponsor them.”

With a huge smile on my face, knowing the generous nature of these dear friends and their kindness, I handed the young lady my phone, and she read the text herself. She looked at me incredulously and exclaimed:

“I can go? I can go! I can go!”

God is calling His people to go and share the everlasting gospel with the unreached people of the world. If you are a young person sensing that the Holy Spirit is calling you to serve as a missionary, do not be afraid. Instead, please contact us at God will provide for you. He promised!

“My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

*UPDATE: We received a similar miracle text for another student missionary while at GYC 2023. Hallelujah!

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