The Love of Christ in Action

“I would like to go with you to your church,” said my neighbor. I was very surprised and tried not to show it. “Sure!” I said.
During our quarantine time here in Khon Kaen, the international church plant we attend distributed food every day at the train station. After this was over, a group from the church has continued to feed several families with the long-term goal of adopting the communities where they live and teaching the kids English and music, and the adults about health. Our ultimate goal is to start Bible-study groups. Though we are eager to bring people to our church building, COVID-19 is forcing us to go to the people where they are. It reminds me of how Jesus traveled around to find people, like the woman at the well.

So I was completely surprised when, out of the blue, my neighbor asked to come with us. The following Sabbath we had a wonderful, blessed, rewarding day. She even brought healthful, delicious cookies to share with our team. Last Sabbath she came again and brought little drinks to give to the kids of each of the families we visited. When we sang to the kids, she helped us and also interpreted.

I believe that when we are doing something meaningful and invite others to join us, even before we give them Bible studies or bring them to evangelistic meetings, people will be more open to the gospel because they will experience the love of Christ in action.

Please continue to pray that we will learn Thai quickly and for the people that will be part of our house church one day. Thank you for being a missionary through your prayers and financial support.

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