The Beginning

We are all going to die. One week in and we are going on The Crucible. I mean, I understand the logic behind the Navy Seals being put through extreme training, but really, I am just going to Thailand to work with kids. I doubt I will have to carry loads of things through sand for hours. Plus, I do not know these other missionaries. I do not want to be stinky and sticky around them our first week together! But lo and behold, we set out on this weekend adventure. We had a couple of days beforehand to kind of get to know each other but really it was not enough to feel comfortable. I mean I could barely recall half of the people’s names! So as the first couple of days came and went and it was time for our group to go on this challenging weekend, I was just about ready to go back home. As it turns out, we did not die but in fact became stronger and more united after this intense weekend. There is something simply invigorating about going through something extremely difficult with a group of people as sweaty and stinky as you that brings everyone closer together. Now, as we spend time together in the classroom learning how to reach people from different cultures and backgrounds, I know that I will be able to overcome difficulties because the crucible presented me with many difficult tasks that I overcame. In addition, I know that when it becomes too difficult for me to do on my own God has given me a group of amazing people I know I can turn to for help and encouragement. Being here at training, at this moment in time, with this group of people is one of the biggest blessings God has given me.


God be with you all the time and lead your journey in His work.

By Ndaturu on October 31 2017, 9:50 am

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