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No Rice? How can anyone living in Asia possibly survive without rice?

While visiting in the Hutchisons’ home, I was introduced to their neighborhood grandma who, I was told, had no way to support herself except to collect plastic bottles and cans. Kristen explained, “This grandma often comes to our house because she has no rice and no money. She is frequently sick and comes for help almost daily.”

Later when we had the opportunity to bring a couple large bags of rice to her home, she asked if it would be okay for her to share the rice with her daughter who had no rice and no means to buy it. It was a pleasure to see the smiles and feel the excitement of the children as they gathered around. My heart was filled with pity as I sat in this grandma’s tiny shack, barely large enough to contain her simple cook stove and bed of gunny sacks and cardboard boxes.

Throughout my life, I have taken for granted the food basics like rice, potatoes or pasta, and there was always money to buy more as needed. Living in this part of the world has brought me face to face with entire communities that exist on so very little.

In the spiritual dimension, we, as lifelong Christians, have taken for granted our spiritual blessings, too. We have always known the story of salvation and have been blessed with Bibles, church families and fellowship. Do we value and share what we have as the Lord intends? Do we genuinely care about the poverty and empty lives around us? What is our compassionate Heavenly Father’s commission for us today?

Facing those questions in my own heart, I remember the familiar text, “As you have done it unto one of the least of these . . . you have done it unto Me.” Lord, help me to see each person I meet through Your eyes of love and compassion. Amen.

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