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“Live the Adventure of God.” This is how I describe the Christian journey, especially the missionary journey. I believe that student missionaries would agree with me on that, too.

Rachel, one of our student missionaries, came to teach violin and piano. Little did she know that she would also end up taking care of my girls!

You see, when our family arrived in Thailand, the first order of business for my husband and me was to learn Thai. To be free to study, we needed a reliable person to watch our girls, and that’s where Rachel became a tremendous blessing to our family. Along with her teaching at the music school, she teaches my daughter violin and also gives up part of her free mornings so that we can learn Thai and become more efficient in God’s ministry here.

As we have interacted with Rachel and the other student missionaries here, we have seen that they are a fundamental part not only of the music school but also of the church plant. Their leadership of the young people through Pathfinders and choir is powerful. The young people love and respect the student missionaries. The Khon Kaen project has a lot to thank the SMs for as they advance God’s work here with an impact for eternity. Rachel, Rachelle, Lucas and Chris, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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