Test of Faith

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Raising a large amount of funds to work for God, can be challenging. People don’t really see the importance of equipping people to go out and be missionaries anymore. It feels as if nothing is working out, like your all alone in all of this, and that God is very far from you. But if I think of our brother Job. How Satan tested his faith, he lost everything, and where was God? God was there the entire time, feeling proud to call Job his child. I think if we face challenges in our life we should always remember that the teacher is always still during the test. My trust and faith in God is just growing stronger in this waiting period. For I know that all the silver and gold belongs to God and that He can open so many doors. It’s only a matter of trust and patience. Please continue paying for me as I take this amazing but challenging journey, to serve the Pnong people in Cambodia.


Hi Maryke,  ek onthou jou nog van ABL, ek was ‘n tiener by Teencamp.. Hierdie jaar op Drakensville kamp vergadering het ek bietjie meer uitgevind oor AFM, en ek was verras om jou op hierdie website te kry! Ek hoop ten alle koste dat jou werk voorspoedig is,  ek het besluit om daagliks vir jou te bid , laat my asb. weet van enige gebeds versoeke!  Verder vra ek vir die Heilige Gees om my te lei om te bid vir die regte dinge vir jou en vir die mense van Cambodia.  Alles van die beste! Christel Bremer … (:

By Christel on October 22 2015, 1:08 am

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