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It took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the dimly lit meeting room and recognize the sweet young woman. When I saw it was Tedah, my heart soared!

I first met Tedah when she was a teenager engaged to be married. Following Pnong tradition, her mother had organized a village celebration with rice wine and animistic rituals. It was meant as a blessing, however it created a challenge for Tedah and her fiancé who had started believing in Jesus.

At different intervals I remember seeing Tedah during our Pnong Project visits. Once she was in early pregnancy. Then I saw her again after her beautiful daughter was born. I noticed at this time that she and her husband were attending our missionaries’ village meetings with renewed interested.
It was such a wonderful surprise and answer to prayer recently to see Tedah with her now toddler daughter faithfully attending the meetings in the village, engaging in spiritual discussions during class time and reading her Bible. The joy on her face said it all. It was a high Sabbath for me as I witnessed Tedah seeking the Lord.

Thank you Jesus for working in Tedah’s life! My prayer is that she continues to be a bright light for her family and community. Thank you Pnong-Project teammates for nurturing this beautiful answer to prayer!

Stay faithful. Jesus is coming very soon!

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