Starting Conversations

“I don’t have friends, and I get bullied at school.” I had struck up a conversation with a girl at the park. To my surprise, it got deep really fast!

We go to the park in our neighborhood every weekday. We have met many friends there. It is good for my family, as we love to be outside playing basketball and riding our bikes, which is also great physical therapy for my youngest daughter. So, naturally, when I saw this new girl, I went up to her and started a conversation. However, in a matter of minutes, my heart was broken by what she told me about her life.

Rene invited her to play basketball with Lina and him. He gave her some pointers and had her practice shooting the ball. That was a Monday. By Wednesday, our friend had gotten quite good with the ball, and we were playing games of boys against girls. For the last week and a half, she has come to the park almost every day to play with us. It’s great to see her smiling and connecting with the other village kids.

To our new basketball team we have invited one of our friends from a restaurant down the street. She is 12 years old and has come to worship with us two Sabbaths. The other day after a game, she told me that she is bringing a friend with her this coming Sabbath!

Our time here has been full of opportunities to meet people. God has opened doors in ways beyond my comprehension. Being a blessing to others is not as hard as we sometimes think. We just need to be intentional, take risks and talk to people. I believe that we have been a blessing to our new friend who is bullied at school. Also, the playground seems busier than before.

God wants us to bring happiness to people who are constantly being bullied by Satan. Pray for us as we introduce people to the Joy Giver and One and Only God who loves us and accepts each one of us. Also, please pray that we will learn Thai soon.

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