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What kind of skills do you have? Can you fix a computer or dress a wound? Do you know about hot and cold treatments, or can you teach English, math, science or auto mechanics? Is your heart willing to go? God can use you in the mission field!

I am a furniture maker’s son. My dad was the son of a house builder, so he taught me how to frame homes and furniture. When I was young, my mom taught me how to sew on her 1959 Pfaff industrial sewing machine. I still have it today.

These skills came in handy in the mission field. In 1997, I had the privilege of teaching these skills to 6-10 of Cambodia’s poorest of the poor. I showed them how to make sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, bookcases and other home furnishings. Today, some of these men and women are fine Christian Seventh-day Adventist business owners serving their fellow Cambodians. Tent-making and evangelism make an amazing combination.

Yes, I am glad I am the son of a furniture maker! I have also passed on some of those skills to my son, Joshua Lewis. I exposed him to mission work during his childhood in Cambodia. That is where he, along with his wife and two children, have recently returned from furlough—to serve and raise the next generation for the Lord.

You all are sons and daughters of a Carpenter who came to die for us so that we may live eternally with Him. This message needs to go to all peoples, nations and tongues. Are you ready to go where only one-half of one percent of the population goes? We know Jesus is coming very soon! However, there is still a great commission to fulfill. The last 27 years with AFM have thrilled my heart to know that wherever God sends me is safer than being out of His will.

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