Sister Tan

“Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a community.” Adelaide Hoodless – Canadian educational reformer (1858-1910).

Sister Tan first came to work in our home in January of 2015 as a housekeeper and nanny. She has been there for our boys, Justus and Jon Marc, through most of their early childhood. She has been there for vaccinations, potty training, losing baby teeth, stitches, first steps, first words and learning to ride a bike. She is like a second mom to them.

Sister Tan was born and raised in the same community where we set up our creative learning center. She has worked closely with us from the time we started our kids’ church program in the wood house, faithfully gathering the village children together every Sabbath like a mother hen.

These days, Sister Tan is also active as a teacher at our learning center. She had some reservations about her abilities at first, but we continued to encourage her to greater involvement in our ministry. Now she confidently helps children with their homework after school, listens to them when they have problems at home and reads books to them. Sister Tan especially loves to read Bible stories to the children on Sabbath. She sees the value in our students and is beginning to communicate to them how special they are to their Father in heaven.

Please pray for Sister Tan. We believe that God has plans to use her to start a people movement in her community that will help guide many to a deep connection with their Creator.

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