Share the Love

It was still dark as we climbed into the two project trucks and started toward the school to pick up the rest of the crew. It was early on Sunday morning and a group of us, including student missionaries and local church members, were going to help harvest rice for a family from Dumchi village who recently decided to follow Jesus.

After we prayed for safety and for the new family, several of the young people climbed into the back of the trucks chatting energetically while others scooted into the back seats. Romsie, the head cook at the school, got in the front seat next to me. As we drove we started chatting. Soon we were talking about our goal for the day, to share Christ’s love with this family who were just starting their journey of following Jesus. We wanted to let them know that we care about them as brothers and sisters in Christ. Romsie smiled and started telling me how that same kind of brotherly love was the very thing that got her interested in learning more about Jesus.

Several years ago, when her family first started hearing about Jesus, her youngest daughter was very sick. They had no money to get medical help for her. Then two church members gave her the money she needed to travel to a free children’s hospital so her little girl could receive the heart surgery she needed. Romsie grinned at me. “That’s why I want to go help this new family today! I want to share Jesus’ love like other people shared it with me.”

When we got to the rice field, some people started cutting and bundling sheaves of rice, others carried the sheaves to the big stack where it would be kept until threshing time, and a couple other people stacked it neatly in the pile. It was hot, hard work, but everyone found a way to help.

As our tired group of volunteers rode home, I thought how wonderful the family of God is. When we work together, everyone can find a way to share God’s love with others!

Thank you for sharing His love with those around you and with the unreached through your generosity. It’s a beautiful thing to be part of God’s family!

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