Seeking the Sinim

s we stepped out to take a morning walk in the narrow alleys of this large Asian city, the pungent smell of diesel, sewer and grilling meat on the street overwhelmed by senses. My heart ached as I looked around at the vastness of this mission field with so few laborers. How I long for the Sinim people to come to know Jesus!

In March while visiting the Sinim Project, I learned to say the general greeting, “Thank you” and even “Happy Sabbath.” I spoke the greeting to everyone who glanced in my direction, and it was fun to watch their faces light up at my feeble attempt to speak their heart language. It was just another affirmation of why AFM emphasizes the importance of learning the local language and culture for the first couple of years after launching to the field.

Currently, the Joy family and Angeline Nguyen are learning all they can about the nasal sounds of this tonal language and the cultural worldview so different from theirs. Please pray for them as they immerse themselves in this people group that so desperately needs to know Jesus. They face many challenges as they encounter new sights, behaviors and aromas, some of which they find repulsive. They need wisdom from God to find ways to enter into the lives of these precious souls while lifting up and living the pure gospel of Christ—in the world, yet not of the world.
Thank you for joining us in praying for the Sinim team and the unreached in that vast land, and for working together with us to reach them!

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