Seeing Eye-to-Eye

We drove into the driveway of the little church in Ratanakiri (Rat-in-at-kiri) province. Three shyly grinning young men came out to greet us. News of our upcoming move to the area had already gone before us, and we were met with contagious smiles from the local church members. Some had been praying for years for a missionary, and one man said, “I have been praying specifically for your family to move here all this last year.”

Every morning, our family has gathered to pray for the people here, for God’s evangelism plan for this new area, and that God would give them the same vision He gave us.

Throughout the church program, we were impressed with how active and sincere the members were. After lunch and another Bible study, we sat down and visited with the leaders to hear their ideas for reaching the rest of the province. This visit was our first to the area since the Hill Tribes Project was approved, and we were curious about what the local church members envisioned for evangelism in the area. As the leaders described their ideas of having a central hub, like a wheel, and training and sending workers to the other districts, we became increasingly excited.

Indeed, our understanding of what God wants us to do is virtually the same. Of course, we will have to develop the details, but we expect God to continue to show us the next steps as we follow the first ones He gives us. Please pray that God will protect and provide for His work as we continue to follow His plan for reaching this corner of Cambodia.

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