Rongju Awaits

Nicholas’ faith in Christ is strong. He is well-educated and used to work as a physical therapist, but he was forced to stop practicing when he lost his eyesight. Now, through eyes of faith, he ministers to people in his village by teaching English classes and sharing Jesus’ love.

I met Nicholas back in January when we visited him and some other believers in the Rongju Valley about an hour from Darjeeling by motorcycle. Several people in Nicholas’ village were baptized and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church after studying the Bible with an Adventist man from a neighboring village. Sadly though, there is no one in Nicholas’ village to help disciple and guide the new believers.


After we had spent a day ministering to the believers and encouraging them, they begged us to come and help them to plant a strong Adventist church in the Rongju Valley. These newborn Christians have a fire burning in their hearts. They have that first love the Apostle John spoke of so long ago, and they want to express that love to their family and friends in a meaningful and lasting way.

Before I left his village, Nicholas said to me, “Please come and help us. I’m ready and willing to do whatever it takes to spread the Gospel throughout this valley.”

Next month, we will return to the States on furlough. We need your financial support so we can return to India and help Nicholas and the other believers reach the unreached in every valley and every hilltop of Northern India. Please consider pledging your support to our ministry to help keep the light of the Gospel burning brightly for all the Gorkha people to see.


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