Sonary, a widow in Dumchi village, started attending the group’s Bible study. She quickly decided that she wanted to have her house cleansed of evil spirits and study for baptism. Every week she faithfully came to church and Bible study. She and another widow began to read the Bible together throughout the week. Family members and friends started noticing the change in her life and asked her questions. As her baptism approached, Jonathan visited her.

“What made you decide to follow Jesus so quickly and be baptized?” He asked.

“Suty,” she replied. “When he started following Jesus, his life changed. He stopped drinking, and his family’s health improved. They are so much happier than they used to be. When he became a Christian, I saw such a positive difference in his life that it made me want to follow Jesus, too.”

What a beautiful ripple effect!

Her story is not the first time we have heard a testimony like this. When we asked Jon, the farm manager, when he first became interested in learning about Jesus, he replied, “My aunt used to drink alcohol and cuss. She was pushy to the rest of the family and not very nice to be around. Our whole family would get into fights with her. When she started to follow Jesus, her whole life changed. She stopped drinking and cussing. She started caring about other people more. I wanted to have my heart change as hers did.” And now the change in Jon is affecting other lives like his aunt’s changed life affected him.

These situations are reminders that the best witness we can give others is not a sermon or Bible study but the power of Christ living in our hearts. May His presence in our lives send beautiful ripples always!

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