Refreshed and Renewed

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“I want to thank God that my nephew is no longer having seizures,” Kak’s face glows as she glances across the room at the 13-year-old boy. It is our Sabbath-morning praise and thanksgiving time. Kak continues, “When he went to the doctor, they said he has epilepsy. But since we have been praying for him and he has been taking his medicine, he hasn’t had any more trouble.” The boy’s mother sits quietly, a big smile on her face. Though she and her family worship nature spirits, she and her two children have been frequent visitors to our church.

“I have a praise,” Sloat’s black eyes sparkle. “You all know how sick my brother-in-law, Tham, has been. He couldn’t do anything for himself and couldn’t even wake up. Thank you for praying for him! He has woken up and begun responding again. He also said he wants to learn to follow Jesus. Last week, my 12-year-old son Hein decided to visit his uncle and had a special prayer for him. He asked God to help Tham to stop wanting to drink alcohol because it has made him so sick. He prayed that God would make him better. After Hein’s prayer, Tham said that his alcohol cravings were gone! He is also now able to sit up and do a few things for himself.” (Since this time, Tham has joined our church group a couple times when he was physically able.)

“I want to thank God for something,” Noy says. “There is an excellent spot for fishing, but the area is haunted by evil spirits. No one dares go there. But this week, some Christian friends and I decided to go. We prayed for God’s protection and that He would bless us with a large catch of fish. We wanted to show everyone how strong God is. So we went there, and we caught so many fish that we had plenty to share with our friends.”

Every week we are refreshed and renewed as we listen to the stories of how God rewards the simple faith of our Pnong friends.

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