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I had seen this beautiful family at the Khon Kaen International SDA Church we attended when we first moved to Thailand. We engaged in small talk, but nothing beyond that. They did not attend regularly.

So it was a great surprise to see them last week when our Khon Kaen church went to a new part of town to do some outreach. The church will host a Health Expo, and we will be helping them connect with the community through follow-ups. We were excited to find out that the couple were the ones who requested the health expo to help reach their neighbors and community.

For a while now, we have been praying for God to send us a person of peace, someone interested in letting us train them to reach others in their sphere of influence. During our time here in Thailand, we have met many people and invited them to spiritual events at our home, like Sabbath School, Bible Studies, vespers and house church. Even though many have attended, no one seems ready yet to be our person of peace, so we continue the friendships, watering those connections with faith that the seeds will grow and one day there will be a harvest.

As we continued speaking with the couple, the wife told us how she had been praying for missionaries to come to her part of town. She is a lovely lady who stays home with her daughter but is ready to work. She speaks excellent English. She told us how her community had been closed to Christianity but that her neighbors had become more open because of her family; her husband is related to many in the community. She hoped the Health Expo would show them that Christians love them. This woman, who introduced her husband to Christianity, could be our person of peace.

Please pray for the wonderful opportunity this expo can provide. We believe in our hearts that this is the person we have been praying for and that our family can train her to reach those in her community through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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