Pathfinder Leaders Needed

Student missionaries have been highly sought-after on our project for a long time. Twice we’ve had SMs lined up to come, their funds raised and their training complete, but for various reasons (which seemed to us more like excuses), Papua New Guinea denied their visa applications. So when we heard that a couple from Brazil were answering the call to come help us start up a Pathfinder ministry, we were cautiously optimistic. Charles and Lara Cabral were truly “pathfinders” blazing a new trail. Though Adventist Frontier Missions has been raising awareness in the States for more than 30 years, its existence and mission strategy were mostly unknown in Brazil until recently when a new AFM branch office opened there. Brazil contains one of the largest populations of Seventh-day Adventists in the world, but getting financial support from private donors was challenging for the Cabrals, as many people were not familiar with this method of sending missionaries. But God provided the Cabrals with what they needed to come to PNG.

Arriving in October of 2019, the Cabrals planned to stay for three years. Unfortunately, one of their major donors was not able to fulfill their pledge, so Charles and Lara had to leave PNG and return to Brazil. Their absence left a vacuum. We would like to see the work they began here continue. They made a great start training local church members to be Pathfinder leaders. But there is much more mentoring and guiding that needs to happen before this endeavor can be self-sustaining. Even though the Cabrals’ time on the project was cut short, they made a lasting difference. What a joy it has been for us to work with them! We invite you to join with us in prayer asking God to send the right person or people to fill the vacancy.

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