New Life, New Name

For some time now, I’ve been studying the Bible with a young Christian couple who are members of another denomination. The wife, Jyoti, is the sister of our translation assistant, Pranai. Jyoti wanted to get deeper into scripture, so she asked if I would come and study with them.


This past October, Jyoti gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. As I write this, the little girl is still waiting for a name. After the delivery, I visited Jyoti in the hospital, and I was surprised when she asked if we would dedicate her child in the Darjeeling Seventh-day Adventist Church and give her a name. When Jyoti is strong enough to come to church, we will dedicate her daughter to the Lord and give her a name. We’re very happy to be a part of helping this new baby girl begin her journey in life. —


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