New Beginnings

I can’t believe that my peaceful yet stimulating summer is coming to an end. When we got to missionary summer training, I had no idea that this would be such a treasured time in my family’s life. What we have learned and how we have been blessed is beyond words. The amount of information that has been shared was nearly overwhelming, but I am so thankful for every bit of it. I have taken part in many mission trips around the world, but I have never so deeply grasped the importance of understanding worldview and culture as I have this summer. I am grateful for this time of preparation that has equipped us to share the gospel with relevance and cultural sensitivity.

Initially when we arrive in Thailand, language learning will consume a lot of our time, but it will create perfect opportunities to make friendships and learn from those around us. These are the relationships that we will invest in as we begin active ministry. No time is wasted when we are intentional about loving those whom God puts in our path. We have already started praying for people of peace whom God will use to connect us with the community and who have interest in learning more about Christianity.

Soon we will be in Thailand and reporting on the ways we see God at work. I pray that we will be in tune with the Holy Spirit so we can accomplish the task He has called us to do. I also invite you to be in tune with God’s work at home with those around you. Let us join together and share the story of our best Friend, loving God and Prince of Peace. Together, we can serve the people in Thailand and here at home.

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