Never Underestimate God

We heard a horn honking from outside and thought it was our neighbor who daily signals goodbye to his children. Arnold looked out the window and, instead, saw a woman waving from our drive. The car looked similar to the mail carrier and he thought it was rude that she did not come to the door. How wrong he was!
We were new to the area and had only talked with the recently retired Saviths once at church. Days later we heard that Mrs. Savith had a stroke. We offered to help. Mr. Savith told us his wife was not enjoying the hospital food, so Diane made some meals for him to take to her. Mr. Savith told us that this was not his wife’s first stroke; however, it was the worst thus far as her left arm was completely paralyzed and her left leg partially so. Before he left, we prayed with him.

The church then asked for men to build a ramp for Mrs. Savith the Sunday before she came home. Arnold helped for about four hours, with a half dozen others, preparing as much as possible for her return.

It was only two days later that we had heard the horn honking from outside. In the car was a confused and unsteady elderly woman waving to Arnold and asking him if he knew where a certain house was. Though the house seemed familiar, it wasn’t until the lady, Mrs. Ney, explained that her daughter had had a stroke and was released from the hospital the previous day, that the light bulb went off in his head. Arnold asked if her daughter was Mrs. Savith and she said yes. He told her their house was 15 to 20 minutes away and that he would lead her there.

Only our loving Father could orchestrate such events. Never underestimate God!

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