Nature, God’s Second Book

Just one more hour, and we should be there. The thought brought a sigh of relief after six hours of driving in the rain. We were headed to join family in the mountains for the weekend and eagerly anticipated being in nature, God’s second book, to observe the magnificent beauty of freshly fallen snow.

Finally we arrived at our destination, a winter dreamland. The road was a white, powdery path bracketed by mounds of plowed snow about four feet high. The mountain was an ascending wall of frosted evergreens whose branches bent beneath the weight of the snow. The air was thick with the gently falling snowflakes, like feathers being pour out from pillows in the sky. Incredible peace descended on us as we gazed in awe at the handiwork of our Creator.

That Sabbath we drove to a nearby picnic area completely covered in snow and spent a little time around a campfire we built in one of the cleared fire pits. We shared spiritual applications related to snow. One especially stuck in my mind: “The love of God and His righteousness are like freshly fallen snow—beautiful, bountiful and pure, covering us and filling us with a peace beyond all understanding.” What a beautiful message and promise to share with those who don’t know Jesus!

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