My Challenges and blessing as an student missionary at Southern

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I have learned a lot of being a sm. I have learned that I should not do anything that make a bad influence to others. I am the only Adventist in my family. My faith is still weak. I don’t know a lot of bible stories like the other sm who is born as Adventist. I mostly know only the children bible stories. I don’t know about what to do on Sabbath exactly. I knew that I must not use the money to buy anything on Sabbath. I should not wear Jewelry. As being born as Buddhist, it was a lot of change in my life. I personally did not keep the Sabbath Holy. I still followed my family while I was in the US. I did not go to church every Sabbath cause of no transportation. My brother sometimes want to take me sometimes not. Whenever I went to to church, I paid tithe. However, whenever I did not go I did not paid tithe. I still ate the food with pork and still ate sea food while I was with my family. I decided to be a missionary because I want to change myself to be more faithful to God and share the gospel to others. Moreover, God had revealed my mission destination to come to Cambodia through dreams.
One time, I made a really bad mistake or falling into temptation. I went to pnong wedding on the Sabbath. I first just wanted to know how pnong wedding is. I did not realized that I did not keep the Sabbath holy. Moreover, I wore Jewelry. That was a bad mistake and effect to the new believers. The devil is trying to attack me. After I have made that big mistake I decided to keep the Sabbath holy next time. One time, I needed to buy the bus ticket to my friend’s wedding, If I buy on Sabbath, I would get discount. However, I chose not to buy on Sabbath. My friend and I decided to buy on Friday instead. We went to buy the ticket and surprisedly, the ticket is cheaper than normal. I should pay 35000 riels but now I only paid 30000 riels per person. God is really working with me.
I still need to learn more to trust in God.
God is trying to tell me something that I don’t really understand yet. God is keeping me out of traveling to Malaysia. I realized that God has a purpose for me. God want me to rest more in Khmer New Year. It is just in April 2017 . Thank God that I have more to rest and cure my sickness. I got allergy that made me tired easily. God gave best options for me.

I am so glad to be here. However, as a missionary I have a lot of difficult times. I am currently also full time 4th grade teacher. Most of my time is at school and do most of the school work. I did not have much time to visit people around my house. I am living in pnong village called Lai ka. I am living alone in one small house. I could see beautiful sunrise every morning and moon and stars every night. However, it is so windy in dry season. I got cold and allergy. I am still happy to be there. I learned driving motorbike. It is scary sometimes in the dark and slippery rode. I have to drive from my house to the school about 20 minutes. I have to cross a mountain and hill since Modulkri is full of forest and mountain. It is difficult, but through Christ strengthen me, I can do all things. God is so good to me. Since I am doing missionary work, Satan is angry. Satan is trying to attack me in my weakness. ◦ As a student missionary and a 4th grade teacher is a busy at Christensen Adventist Primary School (CAPS) is a busy and tough Job. Talking about being a teacher, my 4th grade students are the most difficult discipline kids. They are in the Year of growing as a teenager. I tried to have a rule to discipline them with running around the school 10 times, taking points off , sending them outside of the class. They are three students still not listen and ruin the class. The whole class always shout at the same time whenever I asked them a question. Almost everyday, I have to remind them please raise their hand before answering any questions or have any questions to ask. There was one time when the principal came and talk to them that they are the biggest class in the school, they should be an example to the the younger grade. She said, “ I saw 3rd grade who is supposed to be not leader became a good leader rather than 4th grade” After that talk, they started to be quite and listen to me more. Normally, whenever I told them to do group work, they were so noisy, but they changed to be more quiet. They lined up without telling them it’s time for class. They made my day better:)

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