Modern-Day Miracles

Crunch, squeak, clack. My heart sank as I heard the ominous sounds coming from the pump. “No!” I groaned. “I just installed this new high-quality pump to supply water for the mission office and training center. If it is ruined, there’s no way we can afford to buy a new one.”

Rushing to the pump, I found my worst fears confirmed. The water supply to the pump had been interrupted, and the pump had been running dry all night. Quickly I refilled the supply tank and turned the pump back on. The pump made a tremendous racket, but not a drop of water came out.

I turned away and started trudging back up the path. It was hopeless. The pump was utterly ruined. Then a thought tickled the back of my mind: Have you prayed? Have you asked for God’s help?

“You’re right, Lord,” I said, walking back and placing my hands on the ruined pump. “I don’t know if it is Your will to fix this pump. But You know that we can’t afford a new one, and I know from personal experience that You can easily fix it. Lord, please heal our pump, according to Your will.”

My heart was pounding with anticipation as I reprimed the pump and then flipped the breaker. The machine whirred and thumped. Then, to my joy, a stream of pure, fresh water poured out!

God still performs miracles! Even in this age of electricity and machines, God still intervenes for the sake of His children.

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