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Single parenting is a hot topic in many cultures. Single-parent households face many more challenges than two-parent households and need more support. I am sure that God would have us give them special care, as we care for orphans and widows (James 1:27).

Although we do not see Bible texts that directly address single parents or specifically single mothers, we can use many examples in the Bible to illustrate God’s love for mothers and their children. We know that He knows each mother intimately and understands her situation completely.

Maman Oib is a single mother with a Muslim background. She was born physically handicapped with her right leg shorter than the left leg. The fourth of eight children, she lost her father in her late teens. Along with her sisters, she had to consider marriage in her early twenties in order to survive. But as a Muslim girl in the Dendi culture, she was highly likely to end up in a polygamous marriage. She became the second wife of an already married man.

Maman Oib gave birth to a son before the marriage ended in divorce. She married again, becoming a second wife once more, and gave birth to two daughters. Soon she found herself parenting her three children alone. She was in the process of securing a third husband when she conceived her last son, Oib. Unfortunately she never married Oib’s father.

In this condition of shame and disgrace, Maman Oib was introduced to the Adventist message. It was a great help and comfort to her. God offered forgiveness for her sins through Jesus Christ and an eternal home in heaven. This is how Maman Oib began her relationship with her Lord and Savior. Like the Samaritan woman she has invited many other women to come and see what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for her. She has a passion for sharing her faith.

Today Maman Oib is a deaconess in our church. She received help to open a small business to support her and her children. Unfortunately, with no training in business management, she failed in the business. We are now looking at employing her to record Bible stories in the local language for a special outreach program for children in the community. Please pray that the funds needed to support this project will come in. Maman Oib has also asked for special prayer that she will find an Adventist husband.

She trusts God because she knows He cares (1 Peter 5:7). She knows Him and delights in Him. She knows He will continue to provide for her both physically and emotionally as she leans on Him. Thank you for your support.

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